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Windows 10 image taking over an hour to capture


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I have a windows 10 ( Creator edition 1709)  image that is 35 gigs that takes about 80 minutes  to capture once it starts the capture phase.

I have another windows 10 image ( Creator edition 1709) that is 40 gigs that only takes 45 mins at the most.

I have cleaned up the image as much as possible by removing temp files, pagesys files and restore points.

My host pc is 8 gigs of ram running windows 10. It runs nothing else but SmartDeploy and my virtual images

I am on version 2.0.2097 of SmartDeploy.

Any ideas why this one is taking so long?


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I've seen instances where Windows Defender real-time scanning affects capture time. I would look at that first.

Also; SmartDeploy does a file-by-file copy to create the image. The difference in your images doesn't just have to be file size to make a difference in image creation time. The 35GB and 40GB VHD sizes aren't necessarily a reliable indicator of what's being used by files. 


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