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Deploying from remote system via USB to connect via office


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I am looking to see if it's possible to have my satellite office enter a USB we supply with SmartDeploy and have my office control the install and updates. Is this possible? I did not find anything via the "User Manual"... Of course we have deployed via USB but it's been hands on, and via the network. We need to do this with a new PC install that we can control the update remotely.

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You can send them a USB drive with SmartDeploy boot media on it, but it's going to either follow the answer file as an unattended deployment, or require action from a user at the remote site. 

You  could in theory perform deployments remotey, while using USB if you have VPN and KVM access to the systems. 

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SmartDeploy has the ability to do console initiated deployments. If you install the SmartDeploy Client on a computer, and it can reach the SmartDeploy console system, you could "push" a deployment form the console to the remote computer.

The caveat here, is remote/VPN network connections may not office the best performance and could lead to problems in the imaging process.

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