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Negative delta

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As part of my evaluation for SmartWim im trying to understand this case:

Here are some points for clarification:

  • We are using real PC in terms of creating WIM file for the partition C:\ (System OS – Windows 10)


We want to discuss the next scenario


  • Day 1 – we capture WIM file of partition C: - base WIM
  • Day…10 –
    • we performed some changes on this partition and delete a list of files  from different paths. In other terms “Day 10” partition has less files comparing to base WIM.
    • We create .dwm file, that SHOULD reflect the diff between base Day1 and Day10 partition file structure.
    • We append .dwm file to base WIM (meaning now we have 2 indexes in the single base WIM
    • Now we are going reimage partition C:\ on the destination PC :
      • apply Index 1 (base WIM)
      • apply Index 2 (.dwm) to the same partition


What should we expect in this case on final C:\ partition?



Real situation


Day 1 Base WIM:                              Day 10

Folder TEST1                                       Folder TEST1

Files:                                                      Files:     

1.txt                                                       1.txt

2.txt                                                       deleted

3.txt                                                       3.txt



We assume that folder TEST1 on destination C:\ partition will contain all 3 files







Is our assumption correct? Please confirm.

Of course we expect this TEST1 folder after partition reimaging will contain:





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