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Joining domain issue with naming method


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Using Smart Deploy to join the domain in a specific OU works fine, however using the "Generate custom name" with a custom naming scheme is causing some issues with some machines taking names of machines that have already been used.

Example NB-## Will deploy NB-12 and during the next deployment it deploys it with NB12 again which causes the first machine to lose its trust relationship with the domain.

Is it possible for Smart Deploy to read which device names have already been deployed and use the next in the list instead of a random generated set of numbers?

Or how are others generating their required names when deploying and joining the domain? Or is it best to just rename them manually after deployment?


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If you are using an unatended file you can delete the domain name used to join the domain and then it will ask you to enter the domain name in the same section as the part where you define the computer name, so you can enter it each time.


 <network_identification skip="0">
      <computer_name />
      <!-- 0 = Domain, 1 = Workgroup -->
      <domain>REMOVE WHAT IS HERE</domain>

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Unfortunately, this is not possible – each deployment is a discrete operation that has no awareness of the others, so it is quite possible for the same custom computer name to be generated twice, particularly if you’re only using two pseudo-random digits as you’ve described below. You can significantly reduce the likelihood of identical computer names by increasing the number of random digits (this is why we have 8 digits by default), but the only 100% reliable method is to use a non-random method of computer naming – either reading from a wmi query (this can include the user-definable Asset-tag field, which is available in the BIOS on many devices), or re-using the existing computer name.

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Interesting, this got me thinking I should be looking for a simpler method too - but I don't think I would want SD to attempt automation. Try a simple IDE, sublime or notepad++ change the name in the xml to your next machine name and save before deployment - a little simpler than going through the SD wizards.

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