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John Horne

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I am receiving the following message when trying to deploy an image to a Lenovo T570 Thinkpad

Deploy Wizard

"The POSTIMAGE Task T:\Platform\BIOS\Setup.bat could not be found"


I have downloaded the Platform Pack twice and am still getting the same error.  Can anyone provide me with assistance with this issue?

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Laura; that is something that will require a closer look by the Support Team. Restart the device into the SmartDeploy boot environment, click Collect Logs, and send the zip file thats created along with a run-down of what you're doing and when the error occurs to support@smartdeploy.com.

In the mean time, make sure that you're using the latest version of SmartDeploy; 2.0.2097. If you're not, log into smartdeploy.com to download it and install it,and re-try your deployment. (Make sure that you view the properties of the installer file to make sure it wasn't blocked upon downloading, and also remember to recreate your boot media after updating.)

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