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How To Create A New Virtual Reference Computer


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Please be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide to learn more about SmartDeploy Enterprise. The guide has many useful tips and procedures that can help you along your deployment.

In this walkthrough you will create a new virtual reference computer. A virtual reference computer is a virtual machine used to create and maintain the master installation. You can use any of the supported virtualization platforms to create a virtual reference computer.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will create a new virtual reference computer using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

1. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Virtual PC to start the Virtual PC Console.


2. From the Virtual PC Console, click New to start the New Virtual Machine Wizard.


3. On the Welcome to the New Virtual Machine Wizard page, click Next.


4. On the Options page, select Create a virtual machine, then click Next.


5. On the Virtual Machine Name and Location page, specify a location on your workstation’s local hard disk where you would like to create the virtual machine. For this walkthrough we will be installing Windows Vista, so be sure to select a location that has at least 8 GB (gigabytes) of free disk space. To continue, click Next.


6. On the Operating System page, select Windows Vista, then click Next.


7. On the Memory page, select Using the recommended RAM, then click Next.


8. On the Virtual Hard Disk Options page, select A new virtual hard disk, then click Next.


9. On the Virtual Hard Disk Location page, leave the default values and click Next.


10. On the Completing the New Virtual Machine Wizard page, click Finish.


11. In the Virtual PC Console, select the new virtual machine you created


12. Click Start.

13. When the virtual machine starts, click CD > Capture ISO Image


14. Browse to an ISO image of the Windows Vista product installation DVD.


15. When the message Press any key to boot from CD/DVD appears, do so.

16. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation of Windows Vista.


17. Once complete, shut down the virtual machine

This completes building the master installation.

Important: This walkthrough only covered installing the operating system, however a master installation typically contains applications and settings required by end users on a deployed computer.

You have now successfully created a virtual reference computer ready to be captured using SmartDeploy Enterprise! Feel free to ask any questions and we will be glad to help. Also feel free to check out our Getting Started Guide for more guides like this.

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