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Help deploying Win 7 to Dell Latitude E5470


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I have a Latitude E5470 which was shipped with Windows 10.  I am trying to deploy a Windows 7 image on it using SmartDeploy 2.0.2020.

The laptop is using UEFI boot method.  I had to disable secure boot and allow legacy boot options in order to be able to boot from my smartdeploy boot media (USB stick).

The deploy wizard runs and the image appears to be applied correctly.  However, after the wizard has completed, the machine reboots back into SmartDeploy.  When I remove the USB stick and attempt to boot it says there are no bootable devices.

Please help!



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Hey Toby;

Did you ever find resolution to this issue?

I'm having a similar issue with the Lenovo M81 Systems and trying to deploy a Windows 7.  The Image deploys correctly however when the system boots after it comes up with either no operating system found our no boot device found.  

However the image that i have does work on all of my dell systems. 

- Andy

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