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SmartVDK Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is SmartVDK?

SmartVDK is a high-performance disk driver and COM component for working with virtual hard disks.

2. What disk formats does SmartVDK support?

Disks of the following types can be scanned, mounted and created with SmartVDK.

  • Microsoft's VHD format (both dynamic and fixed disks.)
  • VMWare's VMDK format (both dynamic and fixed disks.)
  • The VirtualBox VDI format.
  • The Parallels HDD format.
Since SmartVDK uses Windows' built-in filesystem drivers, keep in mind that only FAT32 and NTFS (including BitLocker partitions) can be mounted under Windows.

3. Can SmartVDK convert physical disks to virtual disks? Or can it duplicate virtual disks?

SmartVDK doesn't automate conversion of disks.

However, you can use SmartWIM to capture a physical or virtual disk to a WIM file. And you can then use SmartWIM to apply that image to a new virtual disk created by SmartVDK. Be sure to use SmartVDK's CopyDiskLayout method to prepare a new blank disk that matches the original disk.

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