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Creating Offline Deploy Drives with Large .wim files

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Hi there,

I recently updated to the newest version of SDE 1.1.5010.4 and I'm having issues creating offline deployment usb drives. My .wim files are large, about 10 gigs and since you cannot have a file bigger than 4gb on a fat32 file system, SDE usually will split the file into split files. However, it is very inconsistent in splitting the files and often it just tells me there is not enough free space to complete the action. I'm assuming this is because it tries to copy a 10gb file to fat32 and errors out. I've tried using a very small platform pack and a 9.7gb image file and it still tells me I do not have enough free space. Is there a fix for this? I don't know of a way to split the files while capturing and did not see the option in SmartPE, so at the moment I'm unable to create any offline deploy flash drives.

The other issue I ran into is very similar but regarding Differencing images. I have a differencing image that refers to the 10gb image file, and when I've tried to put both the dwm and the wim on the flash drive it also errors out with not enough free space. With the new fat32 file system, is differencing images still supported? I'm unable to choose a split image file as the reference upon creation and the SDE wizard has so far been unsuccessful.

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Well, looks like I figured it out myself. I had to delete the old .swm files from Temp under my user profile. Afterwards it seems it will split the image properly. I noticed after getting a differencing image to work, it combines the difference image and the reference image into one image that is then split. Is there anyway to have the dwm refer to an swm? One of the advantages of having a differencing image was that I could use other images and save space.

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