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Multiple Partitions in Same Image


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SmartDeploy has worked very well for me and this semester I'm going to be using it to prepare lab computers. Those computers are configured with Deep Freeze to protect the hard drives. Last year I created a separate 10gb partition on each computer for students to save data and then freeze the main partition. Does anyone have a way for SmartDeploy to capture an image from with two partitions from VMWare Player? The main partition can be flexible size but the second needs to be 10gb.

I use SmartDeploy with Windows Deployment Services and would like to avoid how much I have to do after deployment.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Eric,

If the drives already exists in the format you want for example the 2nd partition at 10GB then you could use the wipe and load option. The effectively maintains the partitions as the were and then loads the OS. There may have to be some testing around this because, WDS doesn't support multi partition images. If you have further questions, email us at support@smartdeploy.com



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