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postinstall .exe files


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When deploying an operating system we would like to install a few extra drivers which are .exe files.

How exactly does this work to implement this so that the .exe files are executed autmoatically after deployment?



Hi Shana,

To install a driver, application, or run a command after deployment you can use tasks. Tasks exist in two places, the Platform Pack and the Deploy Wizard. The tasks in the Platform Pack are targeted to a specific computer type, while the task created in the Deploy Wizard will be targeted at all computer types. If the driver you are installing is for a specific machine type you may want to use the Platform Pack, if its not you can use the Deploy Wizard task.

Creating a task in a Platform Pack:

  1. Add your executable to a folder, for instance C:\Setup
  2. Open the Platform Pack, expand the Make/Model nodes
  3. Right click the OS that you would like to use the installer with and select Add
  4. Browse to C:\Setup and select OK
  5. You should now see a subnode of the OS that is labled Setup, click this
  6. In the right hand pane there is a Tasks section, select Add
  7. Change the Phase to Specialized Mini Setup, First boot or First logon
  8. Change the Command to [platformfolder]\Setup\Setup.exe /s (where the file name and silent install switch match that of your installer)
  9. Save the Platform Pack

The process is much the same in the Deploy Wizard, however the installer will need to be in a location that is accessible to the OS during deployment, for instance in the image. To locate the Deploy Wizard task section boot a target device to SmartPE, select Deploy an image, select Advanced and then navigate to the Tasks tab.



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