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I was wondering, if you have and existing PC with data on it and you want to update the OS, is it possible to capture/restore the data

using SmartDeploy? Also if you want to restore the data on a new PC and deploy this PC on the same time, is it possible to capture/restore

this data via the network?



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Hi Shana,

When you say move the data, are you referring to user data and settings, or a complete backup of the OS? If it is user data and settings SmartDeploy would handle this with the integration of the User State Migration Tool from Microsoft. This integration can be implemented in one of two ways;

  1. Hardlink Migration: All data/settings are preserved in a migration store on the local HDD of the machine that you are deploying to. Once deployment is complete the data/settings are put back to their normal location.
  2. Network Migration: All data/settings are copied to a network location while deployment takes place. Once deployment is complete the data/settings are copied back down to the machine.

You can find a whitepaper that further details the integration here.



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