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Unattended Log files


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There are a number of logs that will show you what has occurred during a deployment.

  • Deploy.log: The deploy log is generated by the Deploy Wizard and can be found in two places. When in the SmartDeploy Boot Media you can find the Deploy.log in X:\Windows\Temp. Once the image deployment is completed the Deploy.log is copied to %systemroot%\Debug. This log will give you information on settings used in the Deploy Wizard, if the image applied successfully, and Platform Pack support/usage.
  • Setupact.log: Once SmartDeploy finishes with applying the image the machine is rebooted and Sysprep is run. In Windows Vista/7 Sysprep logs success/failure to two logs depending on the phase of Sysprep. You can find information on the generalize phase at %systemroot%\System32\Sysprep\Panther\Setupact.log. You can find information for the additional stages of Sysprep at %systemroot%\Panther\Setupact.log. In Windows XP you can find the Setupact.log at %systemroot%\. This is generally where we see the most issue during deployment, you can find more information about common Sysprep problems here.
  • Netsetup.log: If you experience problems joining a domain you can find logging information at %systemroot%\Debug\Netsetup.log.

Hope that helps,


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