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WDS Deployment - Please Insert Disc 1


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Not sure if anyone can help but thought I'd through it out there as I am currently in contact with support but being in the UK they will be a bit quiet for a few hours yet.

We upgraded to 1.1.1980 last week and all has been well until yesterday, a colleague had to image a new laptop and went about it in the usual way. When it came to 'Applying Image 1 of 1' in Smart Deploy we got a pop up saying 'Please Insert Disc 1' :huh: - I sent the deploy.log to support and they asked me to try manual deployments via multicast and unicast, both of which failed. I then wiped the install images and removed the multicast transmissions, rebooted WDS and recreated them all and still the same issue. :blink:

Has anyone seen this before? I should also state that I have since recaptured our image with the new version 1.1.1980 and it reacts in the same way.

Any help or if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be such a big help.



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Hi Neil,

It sounds like you have already engaged support on this and the work around so far was to revert back to 1960. We are still looking into the problem and trying to get a repro, which to this point has been elusive. Support will update you when something concrete comes across, but just wanted to close the loop here.



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