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Error deploying platform pack


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I am trying to deploy an image to a machine and receive the following error:

At least one 'SkippingFile' event was triggered because an error prevented a file from being processed.

I have used this image many times before. This is the first time I have had an error with it.

The error comes at the very end of the the Applying Platform Pack.

What is the cause/solution?

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It sounds like the Platform Pack you are using is corrupt. Is it a new pack, or did you recently make changes to your default Platform Pack? You can try the following:

  • If using a combined Platform Pack, try using just the single Platform Pack.
  • Download the Platform Pack again to ensure the download didn't have problems.
  • Check that the downloaded Platform Pack is not "Blocked" (Right click, Properties, you will see an Unblock at the bottom of the Properties sheet if it is blocked.)
  • Let support know the problem and what pack you are using so we can check if the source file was corrupt or had a replication problem to your edge server.

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Has anything changed with the Platform Pack? Do you have another copy? Can you post the Deploy.log from the machine that is having the deployment problem? To get the log you will progress through the deployment until you see the error, close the error and then hit Shift + F10 to open a command prompt. The Deploy.log can be found in x:\Windows\Temp.

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