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Windows 7 Unattend.xml


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During sysprep, Windows 7 uses the unattend.xml file to answer the required questions, as well as perform background tasks. One of those tasks that we use is the copy profile setting to copy the adminstrator profile to the default user. I see that SmartDeploy has a different "format" to their answer file. Is there a similar "copy profile" command that can be used in the SmartDeploy .xml file?


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Hello Ken,

Yes we do Sysprep a little bit differently than you are probably used to. We automate the running of Sysprep and create an answer file for it based on the information you provide in the Deploy Wizard. This is an answer file that is separate from the answer file that you export to automate the Deploy Wizard and is never seen by the user.

Because of the exacting state that the reference machine needs to be in for Copy Profile to work correctly we have chosen to leave the option out of the Deploy Wizard. There is still a path to get this setup and working however. You can follow the information in this post or contact our support team.



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