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Virtual Disk Must Contain At Least One Volume


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Problem: When capturing an image with the Capture Wizard you receive an error stating: "The virtual disk must contain at least one volume."

Resolution: This error can occur for many reasons however the root cause is generally one of the following.

  1. Be sure that the virtual disk file you are capturing the image from is once contiguous file that doesn’t have any snapshots. Snapshots and split disks cannot be used when capturing an image offline. If you must use the snapshot or split disk files capture the image in a booted state by booting to the SmartDeploy Boot Environment.
  2. If the virtual disk file is one contiguous file and doesn’t have snapshots check that the file path is less than 125 characters long. If the path is more than 125 characters move or rename the virtual disk to get under the 125 character limit.
  3. If the previous items look good there is likely a problem with the SmartVDK service. SmartVDK is the component that is used to mount virtual disks offline. Reinstalling this component will fix the corrupt state so an image can be captured.
    • Open Device Manager on the machine with SmartDeploy Installed
    • Select View>Show Hidden Devices
    • Expand Non Plug and Play devices
    • Locate SmartVDKSrv, right click and Uninstall it
    • Reboot the computer and run through the Capture Wizard again (the Capture Wizard will automatically reinstall the SmartVDK service.)

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