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Enable built in administrator account on Win 7

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I've used this option on windows XP and it seems to work fine, but when using it with Windows 7, it just leaves our built in admin account disabled (renamed) and creates a new administrator account. I thought maybe the newest version would fix this, but it doesnt look like it. Any ideas?

The Deploy Wizard will only be able to enable the Administrator account if it is not renamed. We will be adding support for renamed admin accounts in the future. In the meantime the easiest way to solve the problem is to simply leave the Administrator account disabled and create a new account with the name that you like and administrative privileges. If you do this sysprep will not disable your custom administrator account and you wont have to worry about the Deploy Wizard enabling it. The other option would be to create a task in the Deploy Wizard to run "cmd.exe /k net user [your renamed admin account name] /active:yes" (without the quotes) during the specialized phase of deployment.

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