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Not enough free space


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Got a little issue in that Media Wizard is saying that my 8GB NTFS formatted USB drive doesn't have enough free space to to take the image but the .WIM file is 4GB

Any ideas?


Hi Paul,

There are a few factors that could be at play here. First the 8GB USB drive is really only 7.45GB. That 7.45GB is raw size, once the disk is formatted you end up with 7.38GB of usable space. You mention your image is 4GB which leaves 3.38GB left on the disk. We also have to account for the Platform Pack and the size of the boot environment that are being used. By default the boot environment is only ~300MB but this can increase quite a bit when using a Platform Pack with a number of Windows PE nodes (we inject the network drivers in that node to the boot environment).

What is the size of the Platform Pack you are using? Also if you create Boot Media as opposed to Offline Deployment Media how much free space is left (this will tell us how big just the boot environment is)? If there is enough for your image and pack you can copy them over, otherwise you will need to decrease the size of one, or use a bigger USB drive.



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Hi Erik,

I've just burnt it to a standard 4.7GB DVD fine.

The platform pack in using is for the Lenovo x220 laptop and is 227MB so it should all be under 5GB.

I also extracted the ISO that was created and copied it over to the USB drive and it was fine - it just wont let me do it from within the app itself.

It's no biggy, just thought I'd point it out.

thanks for your response.


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