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Windows Licensing, key vs Entra ID ... any prodcedural changes?

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For a long time when I've been making and deploying Win10/11 images, I have been pre-populating the license field with the generic KMS key, which the machines have no trouble using (though we've switched from KMS to on-prem AD activation, fwiw).

At the same time, once the machines are placed in their destination OU, they get hybrid-joined to Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) which introduces user-based licensing from the cloud ... which I presume supersedes/overrides the previous license/activation config.

I was pondering - do I need to make any changes in image creation or deployment config as a result of the new Azure-licensing method? Are there any new best practices in light of this? (eg, what if we ditched on-prem AD and went Azure-native?)


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