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United Kingdom Language Settings


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I have just done my first deployment of Windows 7 and I'm very impressed with the ease and speed of SmartDeploy, there is only one thing that I couldn't see as an option and that was to set the region settings (keyboard/language) to English (UK)

Can you let me know how to do this or if it is actually possible during the image process because it will be a bit of a pain to have to go and change it after every image.


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The best way of calling a vbs file is really based on how you are doing deployment. If for instance you use offline deployment media you can stick the vbs file on the media and call it from there. The %SmartDeploy_Media% variable is the drive letter of that media and was created to deal with scenarios where the CD/DVD or USB can have different drive letters on different hardware configurations. If you are using WDS you could simply call the script from the z:\ drive which is mapped to reminst on the WDS server. The easiest way is just putting the script in your image, you can then reference what was the C: drive in the booted VM as the T: drive (we automatically assign to the OS partition after deployment, while still in the boot media). Your task in this scenario would be: Phase ‘After image has been applied’, Command ‘wscript.exe t:\scripts\locale.vbs’.

Hope this helps,


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