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create cloud media fails

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The error in the Media.log I see is; "Exception      Message:Key not valid for use in specified state."

This is due to a certificate issue on the SmartDeploy host. Please follow these steps to fix your issue and make sure that you are removing the certificates from Local Computer, not Current User.

1. Uninstall the SmartDeploy console for your new computer.
2. Go to settings and search for "Manage Computer Certificates"
3. Delete the SmartDeploy Console certificate from Local Computer - Personal - Certificates
4. Delete the SmartDeploy Console certificate from Local Computer - Trusted Root CA - Certificates
5. Reboot your computer
6. Make sure your antivirus software is disabled and reinstall the SmartDeploy console
Then try re-creating your media. If you still have problems, please contact SmartDeploy Support directly. 
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