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SmartDeploy service is set to "automatic" after imaging

Ted Pruitt

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As the title suggests, when I finish imaging a client PC, the SmartDeploy service is set to automatic - therefore it gets stuck "starting" and the client doesn't register with the Smartdeploy console.

So, now I'm just in the habit of going into the services after I finish imaging a PC and setting the SmartDeploy service (not the SmartDeploy Enterprise Client) to manual. However, when the time comes to remotely image my machines, I can see this as being a huge pain.

I'm on 2.0.3085, but this has been going on for awhile, at least several versions. Since the system installs the services AFTER the imaging, I would think it would get set correctly.

Any ideas?

Thanks --Ted

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Following a deployment, the SmartDeploy service should be disabled. This service is used to do a few functions post deployment only, and should disable itself. The SmartDeploy Enterprise Client is a separate service that should be set to Automatic (Delayed) - but will only be there if the client installation was enabled in the Answer File. 

I've never seen any instances where one affected the other, but if you contact support we can take a look at your image for you and investigate.

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OK - good to know - after imaging - it's set to Automatic, consistently. This is across 4 different images, deployed to 4 different types of machines (desktops, laptops and workstations.) So this is not isolated to one image. I've been setting it to manual to get the PC to talk to the console - I'll change it to Disabled.

I'm not sure I understand how this is an issue with the image itself. Is the SmartDeploy services installed from the image?

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