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OSD With SmartDeploy Enterprise and SCCM


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Currently we are using SCCM to handle our OSD. We have about 26 secondary site world wide with each site having their PXE/WDS server to handle the PXE boot. We have two Windows 7 images: 32 bit and 64 bit. We have eight driver packs spread over two lines (Lenovo and HP). So far, pretty good. I can distribute the images via SCCM to our distribution points. Use WMI queries to dictate which model gets which driver/software pack. With the task sequence the only thing that requires user action is to decide which task sequence (32 bit or 64 bit) to run and what the computer name they wan to use. The task sequece does the rest. Dont have to map to network drives, that is handled via SCCM and the distribution points. It is really a sit it and forget it. The area that is lacking in the driver management. It is horrible with SCCM. I have looked at the driver management with SmartDeploy and I like it. It looks much better. My question is how would I intergrate SmartDeply within SCCM. I wold like to retain my flexibility I have with my task sequence, ease of distributiong the image to my distribution points within SCCM, but leverage the driver management within SmartDeploy. Is this possible?


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Hi Tom,

It sounds like you guys have done quite a bit of work getting OSD all setup. To answer your question, yes, SmartDeploy will integrate with SCCM. We are also a part of the Microsoft Systems Center Alliance. At this time the integration is more a manual process which will require you to import a SmartDeploy specific boot.wim to SCCM then create a simple task sequence to run SmartDeploy. This will allow you to keep the flexibility of image distribution, collection targeting, as well as any custom settings in your task sequence while using SmartDeploy to apply the image to the end point and inject the drivers. There is a guide that details this process located here.



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