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Application pack for TeamViewer host


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I created a application pack to install teamviewer host, I am using the MSI file because I figured it would be easier.

My arguments for running the MSI are as follows




It installed. It definately picked up the customconfigid. I don't know how to be 100% sure it picked up the APITOKEN. But it did not follow the ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS


Has anybody made this work. Unfortunately if I can't get that part working I am in a little bit of a bind.

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It looks like TeamViewer has some extra steps to jump through for what you're trying to do. This link below has instructions to visit; Design & Deploy page to set up your customization within the TeamViewer Management Console. 

You'll likely need to start there. 


Here's another link for the customized "Full Client" installation.

Lastly; I think you'll want to the using PsExec to test running this command line installation as System, as it will be installed by SmartDeploy. You will be able to test your install parameters and package a lot faster. Then once you get it, you can put it in an Application Pack. This process is detailed in this article: (At the bottom) https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/solutions/articles/48001062096-troubleshooting-application-pack-deployments

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