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2.0.3070 causes win7 to enter infinite reboot loop


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After installing smartdeploy 2.0.3070 and upon rebooting, windows 7 will get to the point in the boot process where it is “applying computer settings”, and then the screen will go black and the computer will reboot.

I tested this on two different windows 7 PCs.

The first time, I thought it was a botched windows 7 update, and I ended up completely destroying that installation of windows 7 trying to remove a faulty update that wasn’t actually at fault.

The second time, I installed each windows update one at a time, rebooting each time, then each piece of software one at a time, and rebooting each time. After installing smartdeploy and rebooting, windows 7 then entered the infinite reboot loop.

After booting from a recovery disc, going into system restore, and restoring a point from before the installation of smart deploy, windows 7 was then able to boot normally.

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