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Oracle 12c Install after Imaging


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Hey everyone, been trying to get this working properly over the last few weeks and I haven't had any progress. Hoping someone here can help me out or provide a little direction so I can figure it out.


So I'm trying to install the Oracle 12c admin client after the first sign-in. However I can't get it or other application packs I've made to install. The ones provided from SmartDeploy work without a hitch.


Oracle says I can reference a client.rsp file that acts like an answer file for the 12c install, I attempt to reference this file using the arguments field. However after the imaging process and first sign-in I can't find any sign of it attempting to install. I've gone over the SmartDeploy quick start and user's guide multiple times now without any luck.


Does anyone know where failed application installs are logged at? I attempted to push the same application pack to a recently imaged machine thoruhg the computer management interface and I didn't get any feedback on whether it worked or failed.


Appreciate your time, thanks!

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