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Installing Smart Deploy Client on Imaged laptops


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I have imaged many laptops prior to really getting the process down with Smart Deploy. There are some laptops I did not fully use Smart Deploy to its full capacity and manually installed programs after the image.  I noticed some computers showed up in "Computer Management" while others did not show up.  So the laptops I imaged correctly automatically have the Smart Deploy Client installed on the machine and show up.  Other laptops that did not show up I remotely installed the Smart Deploy client to those laptops and some of them show up.

My question is why do some of the laptops, I installed the Smart Deploy client on show up in "Computer Management", show within 15 minutes (with no laptop restart required) while other laptops do not show up until a computer restart? That is there are some laptops where I installed the Smart Deploy client and the computer has still not showed up. I installed the Smart Deploy client remotely to the laptops.  Does VPN interfere with how the client operates? Sometimes  the client shows and sometimes it does not show.  I was wondering about the inconsistency of the laptops showing in "Computer Management".

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