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SmartDeploy Launching Agent always runs on clients since 3060?

Ted Pruitt

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Is this by design? Since I installed .3060 - and SmartDeploy pushed the new agents, all of my clients have their SmartDeploy launching agent in "Automatic" mode - I thought it was supposed to be manual? It also seems to be perpetually "starting"

If I log into an individual user and kill the agent task, go into services and set it to manual and then restart the machine, it seems to work correctly.

Any ideas?

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Hi Ted, 

I can confirm that there were some instances observed where the "SmartDeploy" service was stuck on 'Starting" on systems deployed with .3060. This is a service that's used in deployment and should be expected to be disabled, and not running. 

To be clear, this is different than the "SmartDeploy Enterprise Client Service" service that will only be present if the option to install the Client was enabled in the Answer File, or manually installed after deployment. This service should be set to Automatic (Delayed), and running. 

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