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Win 10 Build 1909


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From what I'm reading, it seems the 1909 build is more like a regular update than a new code rewrite.  I also cannot find an "Enterprise" ISO that isn't an Evaluation Edition as the only one I can find is for Home or Pro versions.

Can we update our Reference Machines to 1909 via normal update instead of a fresh install without breaking deployment?

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Our official recommendation is to always install the version of Windows 10 that you want to deploy, direct from ISO. In-place upgrades often cause problems. These are problems that are usually too complicated to bother fixing, (Or the update simply broke sysprep) resulting in building a new Reference VM anyway. 

That being said, I have tested (as I usually do) performing an in-place upgrade to v1909 and capturing and deploying my test image successfully. I should note, that this was a VM with zero additional software installed. 

I would make a back-up of your virtual machine before trying the update and capture/deployment. (You can use snapshots, you'll just need to use a warm capture to capture your image.)

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After updating to 1909 and creating new images, seems any local account (including administrator) has it's password corrupted and that user can no longer log in. I have not tried it using a domain account.  We do use the local administrator account for some automated routines, so I told our techs to keep using the 1903 build for now.

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I never found a clean 1909 Enterprise version ISO file.  Only found an evaluation version, the Home/Pro version or an update file for 1903.  Guess I need to keep looking.


** Found it!  Now available from MS VLSC downloads.  Wasn't there before. **

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