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Unable to connect to remote computer....


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Hi Trying to push out an application. I am getting this message and the package fails:

Unable to connect to remote Computer, Ensure this computer is not managed by another Console.

I assure you it is not- I have uninstalled the client and reinstalled verifying it is connected to my console.

Once that occures my machine is then gray in the console. It does try to repush it out and fails again.

The desktop is a WIndows 10/64 bit PC on Active Directory

Under Services there is a process that is "starting" but does not seem to ever complete  starting. Its the SmartDeploy service- Enables the launch of tasks with admin privileges.


Thanks in advance


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You won't be able to initiate any actions from the console to clients that appear greyed out like that. It may be that the service needs restarting, or the required ports aren't open. (Sometimes restarting the Console service helps too)

When you look at the services, you should see the SmartDeploy service only if an image was deployed to that device with SmartDeploy. (It's only used during deployment.)The service below that, the SmartDeploy Enterprise Client Service should be running, if the client was installed.


You can check the ports using these PowerShell commands;
Test-NetConnection -Port 8734 -ComputerName [Your SD Console Host IP/Name] -InformationLevel Detailed
Test-NetConnection -Port 8735 -ComputerName [Your SD Console Host IP/Name] -InformationLevel Detailed

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