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Error deploying WIn10 on Win7: The target computer does not contain a corresponding disk

Ariel C

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When pushing images from the SmartDeploy console to Windows 7 machines, I have been receiving the following error.

"The target computer does not contain a corresponding disk"

I am able to image the computers without issue with the offline method however.

What options do I have to remotely image machines using the over the network (not cloud) deployment package?

Please note that the VM I have created for reference/image only has one HDD with two partitions.It is the same VM I use for offline deployments that appear to work without issues.

Thank you,


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It's possible that the Deployment Package you're using for console-initiated deployments may not have the Platform Pack for that device, if it was made before you downloaded the Platform Pack. 

Try creating a new Deployment Package, and make sure that you see the Platform Pack for that model in the list in the Media Wizard, and then re-try the deployment. 

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Hello Jeff,

I definitely have the platform pack for the machine and I did move them all to the same location where everything is pulling from. I also verified that the answer file is pointed to the correct location as well. The pack is also the most current version.

Are there any other suggestions?


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