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Network Deployment files


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Our SmartDeploy console is one one server  (a VM just for Smart Deploy) and I'm planning to store the image files on a network share.   My questions is, to do a network deployment, what files need to by copied to the network share?   Obviously the image file.   But what about the answer files, platform packs and deployment file?    Do those also need to be copied over to the network share?    Or do all those other files get sent directly from the console to the client as part of the deployment package?    And after the client receives them and reboots does it then just need to get the image from the network share?

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When you create your Answer File, you'll be prompted to specify the location of your image, Platform Packs, and Answer Files. These shares do not have to reside on the SmartDeploy console host, they can be anywhere. 

When you create your Deployment Package, you'll include that Answer File. Any network deployments you start with that Deployment Package will use the paths in the Answer File to find your everything. 

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