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Unable to Authenticate with the Cloud Platform specified in the Answer File


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I'm trying to deploy an image to a remote machine and part of the process involves creating an answer file.

1. I've uploaded the image and platform packs to the cloud (using OneDrive).

2. I've created a Cloud Answer File.

3. When I attempt to create cloud media it fails saying "Unable to authenticate with the Cloud Platform specified in the Answer File. Please recreate the Answer File.

I've confirmed Smartdeploy is authenticated with OneDrive. Logged out and back in again, rebooted the server, confirmed upload of image. However, I'm still getting this error.

Has anyone come across this problem before? 

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Yes, I am receiving the exact same issue. After reviewing the Smart Deploy user guide, it shows that the answer file does not store your OneDrive credentials, but a refresh token.

After some more research on OneDrive tokens, I found this link. I'm assuming that OneDrive and these tokens don't work with each other without registering the app on the OneDrive API, but I am uncertain. I would need Smart Deploy's assistance with how to get this set up properly. I will put in a ticket for this soon.

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