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So my question may sound dumb at first but stay with me please. My organization just had an emergency that we needed an imaging solution immediately so we purchased SmartDeploy. I am also new to my position so I was not involved in many of the discussions for purchase. I trusted my team and the little things I was able to look up on the program. In the 1 day I got to use the trial version before purchase we were able to add multiple members to our team. Being that we are still going through this emergency we have not had much to to thoroughly discover all the settings yet. 

My question is, is there a quick and easy way to add multiple members of my team to my SmartDeploy so that they can use the images, apps, etc that I have already worked on and built?  I do have more questions but they will have to wait until our emergency is over and I have time to explore SmartDeploy deeper. 

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