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Office 365 Business Application Pack


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Hello all.

I have been in the process of trying to create an application pack for Office 365 Business Premium.

I downloaded the package through ODT to a local server, setup a configuration file for the ODT setup.exe to reference.

But whenever I try to get the application pack created, it either seems to save successfully, and not push out the package as intended.

Or when I try to save the application pack, it keeps kicking back errors on me about saving the application pack.

The specific error that I am getting is this - "the temporary file could not be copied over its destination file"


Anyone else having this issue?  Any pointers?  I understand that the application packs are in beta, this padawan is just looking for some guidance.

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You'd first want to make sure you're able to sun the installation via command line on a test client, which a successful silent installation. Then try making a new pack, filling out all the informational fields and saving it before you add files. 

Then add the installation files and the set up the executable path, save, and try again.  At deployment; .spk files are copied to the C:\Windows\SysWOW64\SmartDeploy\Sources folder, and extracted to the C:\Windows\Temp\SmartDeploy\Scratch folder where the installation is then run on the target machine. 

Also, it's always worth a test to deploy one of the application packs we provide for download to make sure that App Deployment is working correctly. 

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