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ISO consolidation?

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So I have been able to create USB drives of my image without any issue.
I wanted to create an iso file which I was able to do however I have a question...

When the iso files were created there were 3 separate files...? 

1 was 6GB
1 was 7GB
1 was 1.6GB

My USB stick image was just shy of 8GB...
Why can't I get a single ISO file? 
I dont care if it ends up being 12GB, but i'd rather have 1 file that I can burn to a USB stick.

Is there a way to consolidate all the ISO files into 1 file?

It is a pain to go through the step by step every time I want to make a new USB image stick.

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What I did was create regular deployment media and select your custom answer file. Burn that to the USB stick and then copy the files over to it after the fact. Files will be there just as if you did it on one single ISO file. I also had to split my wim file to get it all to fit properly.


Dism /Split-Image /ImageFile:C:\Path_to_your\image.wim /SWMFile:C:\path_to_your\image.swm /FileSize:3072

Update your answer file to point to this new swm file and it will find it without issues. You can change the file size to make sure things fit properly. 

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