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Push Platform Packs without imaging


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Is there any additional documentation on the Push Platform Pack (independent of imaging) feature? I see that it is mentioned on pages 82-83 of the user guide, but i'm not finding anything else beyond that.

Does this boot the machine into a PE environment, or does this run in windows?

Is there any control over rebooting?

Is there any reporting of success/failure, or real time status of the deployment?

Is there any way to control bandwidth usage of this feature?

Can I integrate this with SCCM to leverage SCCM bandwidth management?

Can it leverage Branch Cache/BITS or other technology for bandwidth management?

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SmartDeploy won't restart a client following a driver update. There's not a real-time update, but you can look at the dism.txt file in C:\Platform where the drivers are copied. That file can tell you which drivers were installed, and if there were any that failed to install.

As far as bandwidth management; that would need to be managed outside of the console, as we do not have that build into the product. Any remote actions like image/app/driver deployments have to be initiated from the console.

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I may have spoke too quickly there. A restart may be required it the driver installation requires it. But Windows should prompt whichever user that a restart is required, and prompt to do it or defer.

Things like BIOS updates and certain other things included in driver packs require a script to install. Anything like that in a driver isn't going to be applied when updating drivers via the console.

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