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Script Capture of Image?


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Is it possible to script the capture of an image or does it have to be done manually through the capture wizard? I would like to be able to automate the updating or replacing of an image when I update my reference machine with patches etc.  I tried using SMARTWIM and SMARTVDK to mount/capture and replace the WIM in by Images directory, but the result is that SD doesn't recognize the .WIM as a SD captured image and won't deploy it.  This is what I was trying:

smartvdk /readonly /mount "d:\Virtualbox VMs\Win7-Image\Win7-Image.vdi" 2 y:

smartwim /capture y: d:\SmartDeploy\Images\NewWin7Gold.wim "Win7Gold"

smartvdk /unmount "d:\Virtualbox VMs\Win7-Image\Win7-Image.vdi" 2

Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Thanks Jeff,

Any idea if there are plans to add command line support for the Smartdeploy functions?  The lack of the ability to automate the workflow seems like a pretty big drawback to the product.  

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