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Multiple Os's In Same WIM


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Hi Guys,

Sorry but am having a blonde moment. (Sorry Girls)

Could anyone point me in the direction for a step through of how i can store multiple os images in the same WIM please.?

Also, Is it possible to have multiple dwm images the same WIM. ?

Have looked around the site but can't find any methods. Bet it's staring me in the face.

Thanks for any advice.


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If you are asking about how to capture multiple images into a single .wim using SmartDeploy Enterprise, then in the Capture Wizard on the Save Image screen you simply browse to an existing .wim and the Capture Wizard will ask you if want to add this image to the existing file or not.

In other words, if you had 2 virtual machines, one with Windows XP and the other with Windows 7, you would walk through the Capture Wizard twice. The first time selecting the Windows XP virtual disk and having the Capture Wizard create your image.wim. The second time you'd browse to your Windows 7 virtual disk and tell the Capture Wizard to save to the same image.wim file you previously created.

You cannot store a .dwm in a .wim, they are a parent/child relationship. The .wim and .dwm together form an image. You can have multiple differencing images, but they are stored individually.

If you are using the SmartWIM component, then there is a Boolean parameter to the CaptureImage method. Look under Control Reference, Methods, CaptureImage method.




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