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Unattended Deployment - Auto select Yes for No Platform Pack deteced

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We are planning to deploy SmartDeploy to a number of machines where platform packs aren't available. This isn't an issue for us as Windows 10 Pro installs standard drivers onto the PC until we can pull them down through Windows Update. 

When we deploy an image remotely to run an unattended installation, it won't proceed further until someone clicks "Yes" to proceed past the message about having no platform pack (message attached).

Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically accept this option during an unattended deployment? We are a small charity and can't afford to pay for platform packs ?

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Hello Stephen

In order to use unattended deployment with machines that we do not have a platform packs for, you would simply need to create custom platform packs for each of those devices. You can choose to include the drivers for these devices or just create platform packs with device specific manufacture and model so that the deployment wizard sees platform packs exist thus continuing through the unattended deployment. 

You can find a video on how to create you own platform packs here: https://www.smartdeploy.com/platform-packs/

Here is an example.


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