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Image File Issue


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I've updated my image and created my image file.  However, when I go to create an answer file, I get to the image selection portion. I select the image, then wait to see if the image name shows up.  At this point, it does not, so.. clicking 'next' shows an error 'Please specify a valid file'.  Unfortunately, I've not been able to move any further with the answer file creation.

2018-10-18 22_39_44-Create New Topic - DeployCentral.png

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Not sure if this was resolved, but the problem that I was having with this was that the process of creating an Answer file and directing it to the network share by using SmartDeploy was adding a directory that the client could not connect to during the imaging process.

SmartDeploy created the path as \\Location\c$\location\... By removing the c$ and making it \\Location\Location\... the client was able to connect to the SmartDeploy server and process the image. Verify that the path that you set for your images and platform packs is reachable by the client that you are trying to image.

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