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Win 10 x64 1803 Sysprep Fail only in HP 705


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Hello Everybody... My first post. I've been having Sysprep fail in HP 705 desktops with 1803 SmartDeploy stick. However, It's been working well with 1703. I use the same flash drives to HP Probook 6560b, HP Elitedesk 800, HP Elitebook 650, HP 8470p, etc and has been successful. It came from a new Reference Machine too. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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If you collect logs and contact support, they can help narrow down the issue. It could be related to the clipsvc service issue with Sysprep. This was addressed in v2.0.3005, but it was found that certain models required additional tweaking, which will be addressed in the soon to be released 2.0.3006 build. 

I would also recommend creating a new VM and installing Win 10 v1803 directly if your current Ref VM was in-place upgraded from 1709 to 1803. 



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I've been using shutdown/s t 0 to shutdown... The thing is, the same imaging stick works with other HP models that we carry. I was ok with just using our April Image (1703), but when I tried it to our newest machine (HP 800 G3), I got the same message... and I have 20 of these to image.


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