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Deployment of Windows 10 UPGRADE - is it possible?

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Hi all. I am new to SmartDeploy. I was able to create a Windows 10 image using SmartDeploy so our new computers can PXE boot into it. It works really well. I am wondering if it is possible for SmartDeploy to deploy a Windows 10 upgrade for the computers that are currently on Windows 7. I don't want to do a fresh installation of Windows 10. I want the user's programs and files to still be there after Windows 10 is installed. Can anyone give me some advice on how to do this - if it's even possible with SmartDeploy? Thank you, in advance.  

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Unfortunately, SmartDeploy is not able to do that. It will always wipe the contents of the drive, and apply the image that you captured from your reference VM. That being said, you can use the User State Migration Toolkit (USMT) option in the Answer File which will copy the user files and some settingsback onto the device after the image is applied. 

Here's a link to some Microsoft documentation on USMT.  This is the tool that SmartDeploy uses when you enable it in the Answer File. 

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