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Why do I have to...


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Running Smartdeploy version 2.0.3000 on Server 2012 R2.

Why do I have to manually import each PPK file after running an upgrade?  The Images and Answer Files show in the dashboard with no issues, but it seems I have to manually import each PPK file after doing every software update.  Since there is no batch import this process takes a while.  Am I the only lucky one this happens to?


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That's pretty odd that it's only happening to the platform packs. The next time this happens, try moving the ppk files out of C:\SmartDeploy\Platform Packs\ to some place like C:\Temp, and then cut/paste them back. You don't need to walk through the import option inside the console for each one. 

(Also; I am assuming you didn't change your SmartDeploy directory from the default C:\SmartDeploy)

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My directory is on D-drive instead of "C", and the dashboard reflects this.  I did try setting it  to "C" and back to "D", but it made no difference.  It's been happening since version 2 was initially rolled out long ago.  I think there was only one update where it didn't happen this way.

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