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Deployment Wizard - Not enough disc space?


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We have 10 brand new, same model laptops that we are trying to deploy.

We have tested deploying to one of them via an offline USB stick.

We were wanting to test deployment via usb boot media accessing the image over the network.  The device we have previously imaged with the offline USB successfully was able to re-image itself with just the smartdeploy boot media.  The rest of the laptops we have tried to do the same way and the deployment wizard cancels and puts an error up stating that there wasnt enough disc space.


Any ideas?

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I've seen this sort of failure with Wipe and Load in instances where the target devices previously had Windows 7 installed, and the image is for WIndows 10. The reason is that the system partition for Windows 7 is smaller than 10, and thus it can't fit. We always recommend using Wipe and Load whenever possible.


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