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  1. Glenn, Thanks for your reply. In the 5 or so upgrades of the v2 branch that I have done I've yet to see an automated upgrade of the client. I have either manually upgraded or manually reimaged every computer. It's possible a handful of PCs upgraded on their own without me noticing, but I'm also certain that I regularly received a version mismatch error when trying to upgrade. I understand issues with a new version and that's not the issue here. I'll be sure to monitor the next v3 upgrade to see if any clients are able to auto-update. Are there any firewall rules, permissions, etc. that might need to be changed? I have not had any unsolvable issues deploying applications, deploying images, or updating drivers aside from the client server version mismatch issues. Best, Joel
  2. Not sure if I'm just missing something obvious, but upgrading SmartDeploy stops me from deploying packages to machines with older clients. It's really obnoxious to have to deal with updating the clients along with the software on the server. Is there a reason for this? I want to to push out updates USING SmartDeploy, not because of it. Thanks, Joel
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