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  1. Hey Jeff, I can't tell if it's bold...but it says the last heartbeat was less than a minute ago. And when I check that temp location, I am not finding anything for Chrome. Also, I am using the Chrome application pack provided by you guys, so the arguments and configuration of it should be correct.
  2. Hello, Has anyone run into application packs taking a long time to deploy (The status just shows 'Application Deploying')? Last week I tested deployed Chrome and it seems to install fairly quickly. But now this week it's taking 10-15 minutes to deploy it...sometimes not at all. To my best recollection I haven't changed anything since then, and I made sure that the firewall isn't blocking it either. I have tried it via wifi as well as directly connect to an ethernet cable, but neither are changing the outcome. The status logs are empty as well, since nothing is happening. I appreciate any troubleshooting tips! Thanks, Dave L
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