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Total newb using a demo. How to create bootable thumb drive when console is installed to VM and can't see thumb drive?

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I'm absolutely new to imaging and I'm having to find a workaround for this issue.

I have the console running on a VM in Hyper-V so I'm unable to 'pass-through' the thumb drive to the console machine. I need to create bootable media because I don't intend to spin up a new machine, install the deployment agent, and THEN push the deployment. I need to image a machine from boot. 
What's the best option (and steps) to creating a deployment package WIM and then creating a bootable thumb drive that's going to be able to utilize that WIM?
I'm hoping I can get a faster response on here than I am by emailing support because I'm stuck here and burning time on my demo license.  
thanks very much

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That's true. I had the original instance installed on my work laptop, but in an effort to centralize the solution so multiple technicians in multiple locations could deploy images, our Rep suggested we spin the main console up on the server.

W/out having any experience with imaging solutions, it's difficult to come up with 'outside the box' thoughts because I don't have any foundation to even theorize from, but I thank you for the prompt response, Aaron


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Hi all,

Aaron is correct - USB passthrough to a VM is tricky and often difficult to make work as a practical matter. Easiest to just install another SmartDeploy console instance onto a physical computer. SmartDeploy is licensed per deployed VM, so if you do decide to purchase the software, you are free to install the console on as many computers as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com.

SmartDeploy Support

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Thanks very much for the tip!! I'll definitely look into this as a possible solution.
Is it possible for multiple end points to be able to do this to a single server?
I'll lay out our scenario and maybe there's another way I'm just not seeing..


3 technicians in different states will be deploying machines, but we want to keep a centralized repository of images and answer files so when changes are made, we only have to do it in one location.   I don't know if there's other facets to this that I need to plan for, but we really are totally new to imaging.

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