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We recently purchased around 270 dell latitudes 7410 and 7400s.  We have noticed that dell is pushing a lot of updates and fixes to resolve some of the issues with these.  Is it possible going foward to include the dell command update app inside the platform packs for dell.  I have noticed that the lenovo packs have the system update app.


It would be verfy helpful to a lot of people, I have manually added it to a few dell packs.  Just a thought for dell platform packs.

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Hi Tim,

We do have customers ask about his every once in awhile. The reason we include Lenovo's and not Dell's or HP's is because the Lenovo utility is the only one that is good at detecting installed driver versions when those drivers have been installed via PnP.  What I mean by that is that on a Dell Latitude 5490, where all the drivers are up to date via PnP, the Dell Command Update software will want to reinstall the same versions of the Intel Management Engine, Intel Ethernet, and Intel Wireless.  This would be true if you used their SCCM pack as well.  Always hoped this would improve, but it hasn't. I understand wanting to use it, but for us it's hard because it makes our platform packs appear out of date when they are not.

That being said, when purchasing a bunch of a particular model, that's a good time to submit a platform pack update request to us for those models.  In this case the 7400 pack was just updated 5 days go, and I updated the 7410 pack today.


Allen M.

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